Shining RIvers Waldorf School

A Developing Waldorf School

Specialty Classes

Foreign Language

Foreign languages begin in first grade. Students have two sessions of each language a week, German and Spanish. Students begin their study of foreign languages through songs and poetry, and learn about customs and life styles of Germany and the Spanish speaking countries. Children in grades one through three learn orally, and written work and grammar studies begin in grade four. Students practice the language through speaking and responding, skits, songs, verses, reading, and writing.


Learning is strengthened and supported through doing, and students engage in practical activities throughout the school week. All students, beginning in first grade, participate in handwork classes, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, and sewing. Woodwork classes begin in sixth grade, where students carve bowls, spoons, and make boxes. In gardening classes, students work the soil, compost, cultivate plants, and learn about native plants and caring for their school grounds.


There are also subject classes in music. First and second graders sing and play recorder in their special music classes. String instruments are introduced in third grade.

Physical Education

Children learn to play cooperative games in the early grades, learning important life lessons of taking turns, encouraging others, and trying one’s best. The games are taught through imaginative stories, and the children live into the movement, and at the same time are learning valuable skills such as balance and perceiving their bodies in space, that are essential for healthy learning. Our students learn circus arts beginning in third grade and Eurythmy blocks are offered each year. Skills and rules for playing sports are practiced beginning in fifth grade, and students are able to play together, and are encouraged to develop their physical bodies for life-long movement and health.