Shining RIvers Waldorf School

A Developing Waldorf School


2013-2014 Tuition

Grades 1st – 8th
Tuition Supply Fee Activity Fee
$11,400 $325 $275
Early Childhood & Kindergarten (ages 2.5 – 6 years)
Schedule Tuition Supply Fee
5 Full Days $10,200 $350
5 Half Days $7,400 $290
3 Full Days $7,400 $210
3 Half Days $5,200 $175

5 Day enrollment required for any child expecting to enroll in Grade One the following year

Sibling Discount Payment Options Lump Sum
Second Child – 25% tuition discount Annual / Bi-Annual
Additional Children – 30% tuition discount 12-month term: June – May
Siblings must be enrolled in 5-day programs 10-month term: August – May

Tuition and Fee Policies

  1. Receipt of your signed Tuition & Enrollment Contact and class supply fee payment is required to complete the enrollment of your child at Shining Rivers Waldorf School. We will be unable to admit any child with outstanding paperwork or required payments to class on the first day of school.
  2. Tuition can be paid in a lump sum directly to the school. Monthly payments must be made through the SMART tuition management program.
    • Annual Payment: You may pay your tuition in one lump sum and thereby avoid the SMART fee for monthly billing statements. All lump sum payments are due in August and January or by the start of enrollment.
    • Monthly Tuition Payments:All families paying tuition monthly do so through the SMART tuition service. There is a one-time fee to SMART of $45 for this service, depending on payment type. Tuition payments through SMART are made in ten installments for the months August through May. If you are enrolling in the SMART monthly tuition program after July 20th, you may be asked to pay Shining Rivers Waldorf School directly for the first month(s) of tuition.
  3. Families with two children enrolled in any of the school’s five day programs will receive a 25% discount on the tuition of the younger child. Families with three or more children enrolled in any of the school’s five day programs will receive a 25% discount on the tuition of the second oldest child in a five day program and a 30% discount on the tuitions of the younger children in five day programs.
  4. Tuition payments more than 30 calendar days late will require a meeting, in person, with the Finance Committee to discuss resolution of the problem. Accounts more than 60 days delinquent without resolution will be handled by a collection agency.